Private Labeling Service

Would you like to offer your guests a way to have a relaxing bath experience in the privacy of their room?

We can help you provide this type of experience for your guests with our unique product “Body Bath Tea Bags”. These “bath tea bags” contain all-natural green tea leaves and botanicals formulated to provide calming, energizing or all-around feel good experiences in the bath tub.

Many quests prefer to take baths while they are traveling and most hotels do not offer anything specifically for a bath. Although many items are provided, few can actually be used in the bath. Since we are bath enthusiasts ourselves, we have developed the “Body Bath Tea Bags” to provide this opportunity for you to offer your guests.

The “bath tea bags” are biodegradable and are self contained to allow for easy and quick clean up. Once the “bath tea bag” is used, it can be thrown into the waste bin.

Privately Labeled Body Bath TeaWe offer this product as a “private label”. The private label is based on your individual labeling requirements. Our pricing is based on the volume you wish to purchase via your private label.


We have three blends to choose:

Awake – for a refreshing “pick me up” soak.
Calm – for a calming, soothing and relaxing soak.
Feel Good – for an all around, anytime “feel good” soak.

Pick the blend or blends you want for your guests’ experience.

We strive to tread as lightly as possible on Mother Earth in all aspects of our business. We use recycled or recyclable materials in our packaging, use minimal printing on our boxes so that they can be wholly re-used (not just recycled), and our natural botanicals are easily compostable.

We believe that as a community we are all connected and an essential piece of the success of our community. We employ local organizations that provide employment opportunities to citizens with developmental disabilities and our older citizens to assist with the packaging of our products.

Please contact us for specific information as to the pricing and private label requirements to allow you to provide this unique experience to your guests.

Contact information:

Kathleen Luken Fortenberry
Phone: 303-617-3633

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